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A Knave's Tale
Definitely =not= Chaucer...
You've read too much adult fanfic when you read the Digimon name inverted...

It's SlashAngemon also called GuardiAngemon, NOT Angemon Slash.
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via dqg_neal

Birth of Clement XIII and death of Innocent XIII aren't even the interesting points for March 7Collapse )
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David Milch on filming the Deadwood pilot, Bullock and Hickock are riding out to investigate the massacre on the Spearfish road...

"This was a tough scene to shoot.. The god-damn wolves. They were non-union."

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The gerbil was reported to be fine after its ordeal.
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I'm not always a fan of Lore Sjöberg, but this sums up the 4e flak wonderfully...
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7. Quality and Content Standards. The nature and quality of all Licensed Products will conform to the quality standards set by Wizards, as may be provided from time to time. At a minimum, the Licensed Products will conform to community standards of decency and appropriateness as determined by Wizards in its discretion. Without limiting the foregoing, no Licensed Products will depict in any text, graphical or other manner:

(a) excessively graphic violence or gore;
(b) sexual situations, sexual abuse, pornography, gratuitous nudity of human or humanoid forms, genitalia, or sexual activity;

BWAH? Have they ever looked at the art that they commission?

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stalking - verb - persistent efforts by someone to establish a relationship against the will of the victim

So, as long as I just want to watch her, and she doesn't know about me, it's not stalking right?

Always watching... when she wakes... sleeps...

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I might get a chance to play in a the new module Keep on the Shadowfell, so the DM asked about a character concept. Dashed off between calls at work today, I present
Riardon Rimer, Eladrin RogueCollapse )
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